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Terms & Conditions*

We = site administration


  • We Have Right To Change Our Rules & policy on any Moment.
  • Member Should Provide All Details Accurate
  • User Account Should Be verified With in 24hours of his registration Cause We delete all unverified Accounts Daily.
  • User Should Add minimum 1 website to his account with in 24 hours of his verification done, Cause We delete all 0 sites holder Accounts Daily.
  • Member Should login to his account regularly to access our changes & features (once in 6 month).
  • We have right to delete any accounts & its deta without sending any notification to a user.
  • Websites

  • User Should Add only his own websites.
  • Website Should Be Verified to multiple place visibility on our website.
  • Website Should Be in live status to get approved.
  • Dont keep Adding/Removing same website we keep watch on it & permanently block it to get added to us
  • We Dont allow blogspot, wordpress, weebly, tumblr sub domains & free domains including url shortner links ( Allowed in paid membership )
  • We dont accept your your websites subdomains & domains internal pages link (deeplinks) suppose your main domain is then you cant add or so dont take efforts to add such links [red color shows wrong did]
  • we have right to delete any of your added website without any notice.
  • Get Your Website Verified

    Place Below code on Front Page of your website

  • PHP CODE (add in echo "";)
  • Firstly Login to you Account Then Select My Account Menu From Menu bar, Then go to -> My wesites Then click on
    Button which is placed in front of your desired website.
  • Comments

  • Comments are used as guestpost
  • Same comment under many website subject to deletion of all comments by same user.
  • Only verified members can add comment
  • If member have added website to us and still commenting under another websites subject to block of his website on our network
  • We have right to delete any comment without sending any notification to its author (writer).
  • Free Tools

  • https:// websites are shown as Secured
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